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UMH admitted as new international node of the US BRAIN Center

The UMH has been formally admitted as a new international node of the international BRAIN (Building Reliable Advances and Innovation in Neurotechnology) Center, a US collaborative research organism funded by the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF), of which a large number of American businesses and hospitals form part. The UMH was admitted on December 7, after Professor José M. Azorín and Vice Rector for International Relations, Vicente Micol, presented the Elche institution’s candidacy at the University of Houston for becoming an international node of the prestigious center.

The BRAIN Center, which brings together industry and universities for research, is led by Arizona State University and the University of Houston. It is supported by the NSF, which is dedicated to developing and funding public health certification programs and standards for the protection of the environment, foodstuffs, water, consumer products, and health sciences all around the world. Besides the UMH, only two other international node institutions outside the US form part of this center: Imperial College London (United Kingdom) and the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Mexico).

Left to right: José Contreras-Vidal, BRAIN Center Co-Director at the University of Houston; Marco Santello, BRAIN Center Director at Arizona State University; Vicente Micol, Vice Rector for International Relations; and José M. Azorín, UMH Professor.

The international node of this center at the UMH will be directed by Professor José M. Azorín, and it will receive institutional support from the Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation and Vice Rectorate for International Relations. UMH membership in the BRAIN Center will facilitate access to new opportunities for funding and projects in the area of neurotechnology, and it will enhance international mobility for faculty and students between center nodes. Its activities will set forth in the distinct subfields of neurotechnology, such as those related to health, athletics, arts, and intelligent industry or the smart factory. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to stimulate entrepreneurial and translational activities in the area of the health sciences at the UMH, including the Cyborg Experimental Center.

The BRAIN Center is funded by the Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program of the NSF, which strives to foster research of interest for industry and universities, facilitate technological transfer, and contribute to the development of research infrastructure. The BRAIN Center’s main objective is to advance neurotechnology for the diagnosis, improvement, and rehabilitation of motor, sensory, affective, and cognitive functions by promoting interdisciplinary research, aiming to improve the quality of life in people. Examples of neurotechnologies to develop include, among others, brain-computer interfaces to control exoskeletons for the treatment of people affected by cerebrovascular accidents, new non-invasive neuromodulation techniques, 3D imaging techniques of brain activity, etc.

NSF funding is for 15 years. Further information about the BRAIN Center is available at this link:

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José Luis González and Alejandra Meza, a UNISON professor.

Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), José Luis González, visited the central campus of the University of Sonora (UNISON) in Hermosillo, Mexico, with the goal of strengthening existing ties between both academic institutions. UNISON is home to close to 30,000 students and is among the top 10 Mexican universities in terms of research and education.

During his visit, UMH professor González met with the director of Innovation and Educational Internationalization, Manuel Valenzuela, along with other faculty members and future graduate students interested in international mobility.

Professor José Luis González also gave a lecture to and debated with journalism students and journalists from Hermosillo.

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The Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) presented its undergraduate-, master-, and doctoral-level educational opportunities to hundreds of Mexican students during the Study in Spain fair, held November 8-9 at the Casa de España in Mexico City, which gathered more than 40 Spanish universities.

Over two days, Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations, José Luis González, and Agustín Mingorance, from the Service of Communication, resolved doubts raised by hundreds of Mexican students who stopped by the UMH booth. Many of these students were able to “visit” this university with virtual reality headsets that offered spectacular 360o views of the UMH.

Many students also participated in a drawing for two UMH baseball-inspired jackets. In addition to meeting with students, and to strengthen links with Mexican institutions, internationalization representatives from Mexican institutions also received first-hand information about the Miguel Hernández University.

The fair was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Spain to Mexico, Juan López-Dóriga, a collaborator from the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE), Manuel Lucena, and the General Secretary of the Ministry of Education for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, Valenciano Luis Cerdán, who was particularly interested in hearing about the internationalization plans the UMH has in store for Mexico.

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The Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Service of Communication, which works under the UMH Vice Rectorate for Institutional Relations, have launched a new UMH website in Chinese as a part of its projection and expansion activities in Asia. Also collaborating in the promotion of this action was the Service of Innovation and Technical Support for Education and Research (SIATDI), which is part of the Vice Rectorate for Information Technology.

This new webpage features UMH teaching, academic, and organizational contents, in addition to a university presentation, representative figures and data, rankings, undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and research institutes and centers. Throughout 2018, the UMH has made significant internationalization and projection efforts in Asia. Specifically, UMH representatives have attended various meeting and have signed agreements with the universities of Shenzhen (Guangdong), Anhui Normal (Wuhu), Zhengzhou (Henan), Guangzhou Polytechnic of Sports (Guangdong), as well as with different centers, clubs, and athletic associations in those cities.

The UMH is cooperating in promoting areas such as fine arts, engineering, the humanities and athletics, but it is the latter of these where efforts are being focused, given the interest shown by these Asian universities toward UMH education and research in this area. With respect to these activities, the UMH received a delegation from the University of Shenzhen in late June, and is set to receive another group from the Guangzhou Polytechnic of Sports in mid-October, a visit in which the Elche City Hall, through its Sports Council, will also be participating.  

In line with this strategy, the UMH is also going to carry out activities that publicize it on Chinese social networks, such as Weibo, by uploading significant audiovisual material that is already available on social networks about the UMH.

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The Service of International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) traveled to Geneva (Switzerland) to participate in the Annual Conference and Exhibition of the EAIE (European Association for International Education), which is the largest higher education event held in Europe. This year’s edition reunited more than 5,500 professionals.

Representing the UMH included Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations – Internationalization, Ausias Garrigós; Director of the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism, Inma Blaya; and Úrsula Kress, a technician from the same UMH service.    

During the conference, held September 11-14, the UMH representatives met with 24 European, Asian, and American universities in order to expand the number of agreements the UMH maintains for student and faculty exchanges through the ERASMUS and Destino programs. Furthermore, these meetings permitted starting new projects with universities with which agreements already exist, in addition to publicizing the academic opportunities of UMH degree programs, its study abroad programs, and the internships programs offered by the UMH.

UMH participation at international events like these demonstrates the commitment this institution has made to internationalize and promote itself well beyond Spanish borders.

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The Vice Rector for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Vicente Micol, recently signed a cooperation agreement with the sports companies of Sport Mate Marketing and Sockatyes. This agreement’s objective, among others, is to strengthen development of sports devices and techniques and research in the area of sports.

Objectives common to the signatory parties have resulted in the proposal of various actions. Included among the agreed-upon activities are academic exchanges and cooperation in education and scientific research; the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events between academics and experts; the search of routes for exchanges with graduate students and professionals, and collaboration in sporting events.

Present at the signing ceremony were Vicente Micol, UMH Vice Rector for International Relations; Francisco Moreno, UMH Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Athletics; Manuel Alejandro Sola, international collaborating agent for the UMH in China; and Russel Pointon, the founder of Sockatyes.

Sport Mate Marketing is a sports marketing and advertising company that helps businesses gain global visibility through international sports sponsorships, sporting activities, and presence in global social networks. Furthermore, Sport Mate Marketing develops, along with universities including the UMH, innovative training projects directed at professionals from the sports sector. Sockatyes, for its part, has become an internationally recognized platform for sports equipment, marketing, and advertising that serves the markets of professional sports, fans, student athletes, and youth sports.

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A delegation from Shenzhen University, located in Guangdong Sheng, China, visited the Miguel Hernández University of Elche yesterday in an action organized by the Vice Rectorate for International Relations, and in which officials from the UMH deans’ offices of Fine Arts, Health and Social Sciences, and Engineering participated due to significant interest shown by the Chinese representatives for cooperation in these areas between both universities. Likewise, the Shenzhen University representatives also met with UMH Rector, Jesús Pastor Ciurana.

During the meeting, both universities showed presentations of their respective institutions, and different options for cooperation and mobility between them were discussed. The Chinese delegation toured athletic installations on the Elche Campus along with the Scientific Park, where its Director of Funding and Business Development, Sergio Román, explained the work going on there in terms of business development. Furthermore, the Chinese visitors were able to gain some insight into various business and research ventures at the park, such as those led by AntalGenics, Simplicity Works, and Emxys.

In attendance at the meeting of the universities included the Vice Rector for International Relations, Vicente Micol, Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations – Internationalization, Ausias Garrigós, Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations – Mobility Activities, África Martínez, and the Director of the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism, Inmaculada Blaya. Representing Shenzhen University were Vice President Du Hongbiao, Deputy Director of the International Office, Peng Xiaogang, Dean of Normal College, Zhong Xi, and the Director of Collaboration Projects at that faculty, Tang Zhenhua. Moreover, UMH faculties were represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, José Vicente Marín, Deputy Director of International Relations for the School of Engineering of Elche (EPSE), Alberto Rodríguez, and the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Francisco José Vera.

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The Vice Rector for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Vicente Micol, along with the director of the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism, Inmaculada Blaya, participated at the 2018 NAFSA Conference held last week in Philadelphia (USA). The UMH objective for attending this event, which annually attracts more than 3,500 institutions from 100 different countries, was to enhance UMH internationalization efforts.

The UMH participated in this event in coordination with the Patronato Provincial of Costa Blanca Tourism and the University of Alicante. During the event, the UMH delegation met with 25 universities from 13 countries, 15 of which already maintain some kind of agreements for mobility for university students, staff, and faculty. Some other results of their meetings include new agreements with 8 institutions and an additional 4 agreements with partner universities. Of these 12, four are located in Latin America, two in the Asia-Pacific region, four in the United States, and two are in Europe.

Educational institutions the world over expressed their interest in UMH educational programs and in the possibilities for future collaboration. Among others, 9 requested proposals for Study Abroad programs, 8 did so for internships, and 4 asked to collaborate at the UMH in Erasmus+ KA107 projects. As for options concerning mobility for both students and graduates, the interest by American universities in requesting training stays at the UMH is noteworthy.

Furthermore, several Latin American institutions showed interest in implementing UMH master’s programs at their universities or in developing joint graduate-level programs with this university.


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The Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations – Internationalization at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Ausias Garrigós Sirvent, welcomed an international delegation of businesses and institutions from the Republic of Macedonia. This visit saw the delegation, led by the mayors of Strumica, Kavadarci, and Gostivar, tour UMH facilities and its Scientific Park.

The visit was organized the UMH Vice Rectorate for International Relations, through its Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism, along with collaboration by the Finnova Foundation in Brussels ( Both institutions have established links so that students from the undergraduate programs of Law, Political Science & Public Administration, Business Administration & Management (ADE), Journalism, in addition to various engineering programs can carry out training internships at its Belgian headquarters, in direct contact with several European Union institutions.

Further information is available through the UMH Service of Communication here.

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The rector of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Jesús Pastor Ciurana, and the vice president of the International Pacific University (IPU) of Japan, Tomohiko Jano, have signed a collaboration framework agreement. This agreement’s objective is to strengthen links for working on tasks of cooperation and exchange on teaching and research levels alike. This signing marks the first agreement between the UMH and a Japanese university.

The IPU is one of the world’s most prestigious universities in research related to judo–it is home to one of Japan’s most important teams, and it trains the Japanese national team. The agreement will also enable further examination of scientific and academic issues through the Center for Research in Sports Science, in addition to those of transfer, given the experience of UMH assistant professor from the Area of Physical and Sports Education, Carlos Montero, a national coach of this discipline.

Also in attendance during the signing was Eduardo Cervelló, director of the Center for Research in Sports Sciences, along with Carlos Montero, who traveled to Japan a few months ago to boost relations with the Japanese university thanks to assistance from the Destino Program, promoted by the Vice Rectorate for International Relations.

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