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UMH signs agreements in China with Shenzhen University and the Shenzhen Shuibei International Center of Business

Vice Rector for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Vicente Micol, along with a delegation of representatives from the Diputación de Alicante and business and academic sectors, attended the International Project Matching on Belt and Road Investment and Cooperation for Foreign Countries that was recently held in Shenzhen, China (Canton Province). During his visit, Vice Rector Micol signed an agreement with Shenzhen University and another with the Shenzhen Shuibei International Center of Business. This visit represents part of an agreement that was signed by UMH Rector, Jesús Pastor Ciurana, President of the Diputación de Alicante, César Sánchez, and University of Alicante President, Manuel Palomar.


The agreement signed by the Diputación and the public universities from the province of Alicante aims to open both academic institutions to Canton Province and the city of Shenzhen. This is one of China’s most thriving areas, undergoing tremendous economic development, and it is considered the Silicon Valley of China. These activities are intended to form part of the Belt and Road Initiative, which will receive investments from the Chinese government of almost one trillion euros. Likewise, the Diputación representatives presented the projects for the Tren de la Costa (coastal railroad) and the Alicante Port Economic Zone to Chinese construction companies and financial institutions.

During this event, the Alicante delegation visited the Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation (SEC), a group of more than 5,000 businesses in the Shenzhen area. With this in mind, UMH Vice Rector Micol Molina met with the executive president of this institution, Yu Jian, to initiate contacts for collaboration with the UMH Scientific Park and future Elche Technological Campus. Micol also spoke with Qiu Daoyong, the founder of Shenzhen Bay Sci-Tech Innovation Group and individual responsible for the generation of startups and spinoffs, to establish collaboration with the UMH Scientific Park and mobility activities between UMH and Chinese students. While pursuing a similar goal, Micol also visited with the managers of Shenzhen Bay Ecological Science and Technology Park, one of the six technological parks in that city.

The visit then continued at Shenzhen University, where the Alicante delegation met with its Vice President, Du Hongbiao, the director of its Institute of Languages, and that of its Office of International Relations. The UMH presented its academic offer and various possibilities for mobility were examined. Shenzhen University has students possessing basic knowledge of Spanish, and these represent potential incoming students for our university’s mobility and study abroad programs. The Chinese university, prominent in engineering fields, has very few agreements with other Spanish institutions of higher learning. Also attending the meeting was the Consul General of Spain in Canton, Marcos Gómez.

Furthermore, the UMH Vice Rector for International Relations reached an agreement with the International Business Center (IBC) that aims to collaborate in the development of new materials and the search for investment funding for UMH spinoffs and startups.

To complete the visit, the UMH attended a working meeting hosted by the Shenzhen Chamber of Investment, in which a group of 30 chamber member businesses participated. At this meeting, the UMH presented what it has to offer these businesses, which are involved in diverse sectors, such as biotechnology, waste management, agribusiness, hygiene and cleaning products, tourism, fiber optics, aerospace, drone manufacturing, and automation systems.

The visit culminated with the signing of all the agreements between Shenzhen University, the UMH, and University of Alicante. This agreement was signed during the annual dinner gala of the Shenzhen Chamber of Investment.

In addition to UMH Vice Rector Vicente Micol, the Alicante delegation also included the Vice President of the Diputación de Alicante, Carlos Castillo; former President of the Port Authority, Mario Flores; the head of the Presidential Cabinet and leader of the Partido Popular in Alicante, Antonio Peral; CEPYME President, Cristóbal Navarro; and University of Alicante Vice President for International Relations, Juan Llopis.

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