16 January 2024

The mission at the Area of Development Cooperation and Volunteerism at the Miguel Hernández University is to promote and channel lines of solidarity actions that arise from within our university community and greater society, in order to fulfill the objectives established in the Strategy for University Development Cooperation and within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

Functions of Development Cooperation and Volunteerism

To accomplish these objectives, the Area of Development Cooperation and Volunteerism is responsible for these tasks:

  • Promote, disseminate, inform about, and coordinate initiatives within teaching and research areas developed at the UMH, aiming for solidarity, social justice, volunteerism, and development cooperation.
  • Facilitate university community members the possibilities of volunteering within the social volunteerism framework of our surroundings and that of development cooperation in other countries.
  • Coordinate development cooperation actions and projects that are carried out by university community members or the units they are assigned to.
  • Increase awareness in and train all university groups on issues of cooperation that are in accordance with current realities.
  • Present development cooperation projects formulated by the university community to various social and governmental partners with the aim of acquiring economic funding.