UMH Rankings

Research ranking among public universities (2012*, by Gualberto Buela)

  • UMH, third position in overall research productivity.

*This study has not yet finalized. Publication of its next edition is expected soon.

Source: Informe

IUNE Observatory ranking

  • UMH, the top Spanish university in the creation of spin-offs (Last year considered: 2013).

Source: Noticia (Datos IUNE)

Rankings ISSUE of Spanish universities for 2015:

  • UMH, fourth Spanish university in levels of productivity
  • UMH, among the top 10 Spanish universities in terms of research activities.
  • UMH, eighth Spanish university in technological innovation and development.
  • UMH, fifth Spanish university in teaching levels.

Source: (Informe)

Research production ranking for 2014:

  • UMH, third Spanish university in research productivity.

Source: Noticia

Ranking of scientific production for 2014:

  • UMH, among the top 100 Spanish research institutions (position 77) and among the top 1500 worldwide (position 1402). 

Source: Fundación conocimiento y desarrollo 

CWUR 2015 Ranking:

  • UMH, among the top 1000 universities worldwide (position 767). This ranking takes into account factors such as the quality of the education, teaching, student employability, publications.
  • UMH, among the top 30 Spanish universities.


Ranking of Spanish universities committed most to free software for 2015:

  • UMH occupies fourth position in the ranking of universities in free software.

Source: Noticia

Ranking of implementation of electronic invoicing for 2015:

  • UMH tops the rankings of the implementation of electronic invoicing.

Source: Noticia

Shanghai Ranking Expanded – Spanish universities according to the Shanghai ranking. 2015 ED
  • UMH sits at number 26 out of 74 within Spain, and at number 783 worldwide.
Shanghai Ranking Expanded – Iberoamerican Universities according to the Shanghai ranking. 2015 ED
  • UMH sits at number 52 out of 407 throughout Iberoamerica.

Report by the Valencian Public University System (SUPV) on the Socioeconomic Contribution of Valencian Public Universities (2015)

  • UMH is the top Valencian public university in scientific production per faculty member.
  • UMH is the sixth Spanish university in research activity per faculty member.
  • UMH is the Valencian public university with the greatest ability to attract students.

Source: Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas (Ivie)

NTU Ranking for 2016 by National Taiwan University

  • UMH is ranked thirteenth in the field of agricultural sciences on a national level.
  • UMH is ranked 139th worldwide. This ranking examines the annual performance of universities worldwide in terms of the production and impact of their scientific publications.

Source: NTU Ranking 2016