Teaching in English

19 February 2024

The call for the Program of measures to boost and recognize teaching activity at the UMH in English for the 2017/2018 academic year has been published. To see it, click here

This program recognizes teaching in English by faculty of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, and does not affect the ability of external university faculty to teach in English in a master’s program under the direct supervision and responsibility of master’s coordinators.

Program objectives

Expand the international dimension of the UMH educational process by offering students:

  • Elective courses taught in English by UMH faculty in undergraduate programs.
  • Master’s courses taught in English by UMH faculty.

Deadlines and application preparation

Applications may be completed two ways:

a) Individual. Faculty members may apply for teaching recognition individually for courses they teach in their entirety.
b) Group. If the corresponding course is to be taught by more than one faculty member, they must apply as a group, and recognition for such will be given proportionally based on the participation by each faculty member.

Applications for teaching undergraduate or master’s courses, whether by individual faculty or groups thereof, must be presented to the UMH General Registry or any of its auxiliary registries before February 24, 2017

Applications may be refused in cases where complaints exist for classes taught in English in previous years.