UMH Study Abroad Programs

15 January 2024

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What do Study Abroad programs mean?

  1. Multidisciplinary academics

    Training stays at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) complement higher education programs taken within your country of origin, thus facilitating the internationalization of your curriculum.

  2. An understanding of Spanish culture

    Learn about cultural, historical, and linguistic aspects of Spanish lifestyles and customs.

  3. Training and Internationalization

    Responds to the needs of students while providing opportunities to interact with students and faculty from other countries.

What types can you choose?

  1. Short Courses

    Specific training that is both applied and practical, combining classroom instruction with activities taking place outside the university. Two weeks is the minimum stay. You may consult the Short Courses by clicking on the following images:


    Cultura Mediterránea UMH Study abroad in Spain folleto

    Mediterranean Diet and Landscapes UMH Study abroad in Spain folleto

    Spanish Literature and Civilization UMH Study abroad in Spain folleto

    UE in Wireless Sensor Network UMH Study in Spain folleto

    Ergonomía y Psicosociología UMH Study abroad in Spain folleto
    UE in Electronics for Satellite Communications UMH Study in Spain folleto
    Mediterranean Culture UMH Study abroad in Spain folleto


  3. Internship Program

    Internships enable foreign students to undergo an educational experience within professional surroundings while under the guidance of instructors. These internships instill leadership and professional skills in their area of study.

    There are two kinds of internships: the in-house variety takes place at university departments, institutions, and administrative services, while external internships place the student at spin-offs or startups at the UMH Scientific Park. The external internship coincides along with the student taking the University Expert in Professional Competencies, Employability and Entrepreneurship continuing education program

    The program last three months, during which time students take field trips to important businesses that are headquartered within the Province of Alicante, they take an intensive Spanish language course, and they can enjoy various cultural and leisure activities at numerous locations around the province.