Flor Micaela Ramírez Leyva, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the Coast of Jalisco University Center (located in Puerto Vallarta), a unit of the University of Guadalajara (UDG) of Mexico, visited the Miguel Hernández University of Elche yesterday, May 25, to formalize a specific agreement for movement by both faculty and students, which is a result of prior negotiations between both institutions.

Vicente Micol se reúne con Flor Micaela Ramírez

Vicente Micol with Flor Micaela Ramírez

This agreement, fostered by associate professors Ramírez of the UDG and José Luis González of the UMH, will enable equivalency for 15 degree programs at both universities at undergraduate and master levels alike. Furthermore, Flor Micaela Ramírez took advantage of her UMH visit to present the academic, social, and cultural offerings at the University of Guadalajara in addition to her research activity. In the meeting with Ms. Ramírez, Vicente Micol, UMH Vice Rector for International Relations, concluded that the cultural and academic similarities between the UMH and UDG will facilitate movement by the university communities.


Flor Ramírez presenting the UDG to the Vice Rectorate for International Relations

The University of Guadalajara is considered one of Mexico’s best, and is its second largest: it educates some 250,000 students in programs taught at its 15 campuses. Guadalajara is its main campus, and capital of the state of Jalisco.