The Sabinar Raid UMH team was presented yesterday, July 22, in front of the Arenals Building. Its members, comprised of Miguel Hernández University of Elche students, will begin its adventure for charity on July 24, bound for Paris, the launch city for the 2019 Europ’Raid: Eastern Adventures rally.

Alfonso Ases and Borja Gallud, industrial engineering graduate students, along with Manuel Arnau, a mechanical engineering undergraduate student, will be behind the wheel of a restored ’89 Peugeot 205 to deliver 100 kilograms of donated material to schools and orphanages in Eastern Europe, and more specifically, areas in northern Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

This project, which has received backing by the Vice Rectorate for International Relations, is charitable and provides for greater international projection of the UMH. José Luís González, Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations & International Project, states that this altruistic effort “deserves a lot of credit” and that it is important to highlight the international and entrepreneurial initiatives undertaken by UMH students.

This adventure will publicize the European situation in terms of solidarity. According to Alfonso Ases, the sensation of achievement and collaborating in an altruistic endeavor is what produces the greatest level of satisfaction among the team. This project has also been presented to various students, including UMH journalism students.

With 300 confirmed cars from Belgium, France, and Spain, and some 1,000 people among the participants and organization personnel, Sabinar Raid UMH is the lone Spanish team participating. The charitable material they are carrying was donated by the UMH, as well as by various collaborating businesses and individuals from both Elche and Alicante. Shoes, sportswear, glasses, backpacks and even balls, are among the objects donated and collected.

The Europ’Raid: Eastern Adventures rally lasts from July 27 – August 17, plus the time that each participant requires to get to and from Paris before and afterwards. Their vehicle, which will cover more than 10,000 kilometers in one month, was restored from nothing by the group’s three members, the preparation for which took a year and a half. Mostly, the Peugeot 205 had reinforcements done to the rear of the vehicle and to its suspension, in order to traverse mountainous and secondary European roads.

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