The Vice Rector for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Vicente Micol, and the rector of Gomel State Medical University of Belarus, Lyzikov Anatoly Nikolaevich, have signed a KA107 Erasmus+ program interinstitutional agreement to advance international mobility with partner countries. This program receives European funding and their agreement will enable mobility between students, staff, and faculty from the Belarusian university with students and faculty from the UMH undergraduate programs of both physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The signing ceremony took place during this week’s visit by a delegation from Gomel State Medical University to the UMH, during which they were welcomed by UMH rector, Juan José Ruiz.

During their stay, the Belarusian delegation met with Diego Echevarria, an associate professor from the Area of Anatomy and Human Biology, to visit the Sant Joan d´Alacant Campus of the UMH and tour the Institute of Neurosciences (IN), research and teaching facilities of the physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs, and Alicante University General Hospital.

Furthermore, the visitors were also able to see first-hand the university’s Scientific Park and some of the companies operating there, including Cares, Emxys, and Bioarray. The first, Cares, focuses its efforts on teaching child victims of harassment and their families to strengthen emotional resources and skills; Emxys specializes in designing, developing, and producing electronic systems imbedded in aerospace applications, while Bioarray is a technology-based firm specialized in genetic analysis via DNA microarrays.

This visit forms part of IN actions to meet the objectives of the Support for the Internationalization of Schools, Faculties, and Research Institutes (AIEFI) program granted to the institute. Among its established goals is the creation of a network of institutions, hospitals, and special education and rehabilitation schools, the development of teaching curricula with Gomel State Medical University, and the consolidation of agreements related to volunteerism, international cooperation, and humanitarian aid actions with institutions in Belarus.

The UMH began mobility actions with Gomel State Medical University during the 2018/2019 academic year, and 12 UMH undergraduate students of occupational therapy and physiotherapy have already taken part by completing practical internships at institutions and centers within the Gomel region of Belarus.