18 March 2020

Due to the progressive implementation of emergency measures to combat the coronavirus in various countries, the Cervantes Institute hereby informs about the following:


  • CCSE calls for March and April have been cancelled in every country. Everybody registered for either of these two calls will be changed to the calls for May and June of the current year, respectively.
  • DELE calls for April and May have been cancelled in every country. Their candidates will be assigned to future calls, so they retain the possibility of taking these examinations without having to repeat the registration procedures.


Besides these automatic modifications, each candidate may, if they desire, change their registration for other subsequent calls for 2020 through their private space on the examinations portal of the Cervantes Institute.

The Cervantes Institute, which strictly follows indications given by the competent authorities in every country and region, warns that the health situation caused by the coronavirus is changing, and because of this, new modifications are sure to occur, and these will be announced as they do.

Candidates are encouraged to pay attention to indications that they receive from the Cervantes Institute and to look at the examination website:

If you have any doubts or requests, you can contact the User Support Center at the Cervantes Institute.