Basic Training on Volunteering Course Registration Period Open


The registration period is open to participate in the ‘Basic Training on Volunteering‘ course, which will take place virtually March 29-31, 2021.

Information on the course program is available by clicking here:

This course is 15 hours in length. Of these, 7 are online hours of lecture; the remaining 8 consist of practical tasks.

The registration period runs from February 25 thru March 20, 2021.

In order to register, click here.

In Tipo de enseñanza, select COOPERACIÓN AL DESARROLLO Y VOLUNTARIADO. Then, in Enseñanza, select Formación Básica en Voluntariado.

This course is free of charge, and by taking part, you may receive transversal competencies credits.

The training in this course forms part of the ITINERARY FOR VOLUNTEERS AT THE UMH. This ‘voyage’ is a process of dynamic and flexible experiential learning, with different milestones that instill in its students aspects of volunteering actions and international development cooperation.