UMH attends international fair in Barcelona to establish relationships with universities from all over the world


19 September 2022

The 32nd Annual Conference and Exhibition of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) just completed, which was held September 13 – 16 in Barcelona, under the theme of “the future in full colour.”

This is the largest European higher education event, and the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) travelled there and participated in the conference. There, they publicized the academic and training offerings available at the UMH.

Representatives from the UMH at this event included its Internationalization Director, José Manuel Blanes; the Director of the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism, Inma Blaya; in addition to Mónica Candela, who is a technician at said Service.

Throughout the conference, the UMH representatives met with universities from 22 countries; 25% of these institutions hailed from Asia, 15% from Latin America and the United States, with the rest being European. The aim of the UMH at these conferences is to expand the number of agreements it maintains that enable exchanges by students and faculty under the Erasmus+ and Destino programs. Their meetings also facilitated the beginnings of new projects with universities wherein agreements are already maintained, and to shed light on the academics of UMH programs, its Study Abroad, and the internship programs offered by the Elche institution.

UMH participation at these international fairs highlights the commitment by this university to internationalization and to promote this institution beyond Spanish borders. This, the 32nd edition of the EAIE, brought together academic institutions from all over the world, and featured training and disseminations activities for all the professionals in attendance.