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UMH students conclude on-site phase of the international Travel Transformation project for sustainable development

Students from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) have concluded the on-site phase of the Travel Transformation project, an international initiative that strives to raise awareness about sustainable development. This project, funded by Erasmus+, consists of two such stays, one in Karnitz (Germany) and another in Santiago de Chile and La Ligua (also in Chile), as well as an online portion, wherein the participants continue working.

The international group from the Travel Transformation project along with instructors and participants from the International Summer Diploma at the Academy of Christian Humanism University (Santiago, Chile).

The Travel Transformation goal is to bring together sustainable development, the realities of climate change, and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to young people everywhere through communication. To accomplish this, a group of participants from six different countries (Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Greece, Germany, and Spain) work together in workshops that produce products in various formats, such as audiovisual elements, radio broadcasts, advertisements, paintings, photographs, television shows, animations, etc., all under the coordination of professionals on the subject matter.

Furthermore, the youngsters attended lectures by sustainable development researchers and activists that form part of the Summer International Diploma to Raise Awareness about Sustainability and the Culture of Sustainable Change held at the Academy of Christian Humanism University, and this methodology was equally employed by the instructors during the stay in Germany. Their first days in Chile were characterized by fieldwork carried out by the international group under the coordination of the consulting team at Transformas Chile. There, the students resided in a rural area and took various trips to see firsthand and internalize that country’s socio-environmental realities.

Participants from the Travel Transformation project during their visit to the La Ligua museum.

Throughout upcoming months, the international participants will continue working on the Travel Transformation project by organizing activities within their own surroundings. The products developed in Chile, which include various audiovisuals, radio spots, and an animation, will soon be available on the platform that Kolleg KMGNE (the project’s coordinating institution) is currently developing. The products that resulted from the stay in Germany during August can be consulted here.


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The Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche is going to screen the documentary, Sands of Silence, by journalist Chelo Álvarez-Stehle. This film, which addresses sexual exploitation, is the result of 15 years of research work on trafficking in Asia and the Americas. The film’s objective is to speak out against sexual violence through the testimonies of several women and even their perspectives as survivors. Sands of Silence has won several awards in the United States and Spain.




The screening will take place on Friday, November 24 at 11 a.m. in the studio room of the Innova Building, and its author and director, Chelo Álvarez-Stehle, will attend. This activity is part of the fourth Ryszard Kapuscinski International Seminar on Journalism, Human Rights, Migration and Borders. In this way, one day before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Vice Rectorate for International Relations joins in rejecting sexist violence and demanding greater awareness against sexual violence.

You may consult the rest of the seminar’s program here


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Associate Dean in Journalism Projection promotes the Study Abroad UMH program at prestigious universities in New York

Miguel Carvajal during his visit to the United States.

Associate Professor of Journalism and Associate Dean in Journalism Projection at the UMH, Miguel Carvajal, visited prestigious universities in New York last week. During his stay there, he presented the Mediterranean Cultural Studies Study Abroad UMH program to strengthen the UMH presence in the USA. He also met with representatives from American institutions to establish exchange agreements for the UMH undergraduate programs of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication in addition to the Master’s in Innovation in Journalism.

Within the framework of the UMH DESTINO Program for Faculty & Research Personnel, professor Carvajal entered into an exchange agreement with Pace University in order to expand the curricular offer for UMH students. The journalism and film programs at that US university are characterized by a practical work methodology that include cutting-edge courses on media innovation, drone journalism, documentary production, and journalism in social networks. Among the forms of collaboration, the agreement being formulated is contemplating semester-long exchanges, a specific training program for American students in Elche, and collaboration between the faculty at both centers.

During his stay in New York, professor Carvajal had the opportunity to analyze the Entrepreneurial Journalism program at the City University of New York, a pioneer in the field, which is coordinated by Director of Education for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Jeremy Caplan. Furthermore, Dr. Carvajal met with Bozena I. Mierzejewska, Assistant Professor in Communications and Media Management at Fordham University.

As for the UMH Master’s in Innovation in Journalism, Miguel Carvajal, who is also the program’s coordinator, set up the first global network of university faculty of entrepreneurship and innovation in journalism. Among its members are professors from CUNY, Pace University, and Fordham University, all located in New York City. Moreover, more than twenty academics from Spanish and European universities also comprise part of this work group.

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The Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche is hosting the fourth Ryszard Kapuscinski International Seminar on Journalism, Human Rights, Migration and Borders, which will bring together leading journalists and expert academics on matters of human rights and migration. The seminar is to be held at the Elche Centro de Congresos and the Castillo-Fortaleza of Santa Pola from November 24-28.

Its program features lectures from prestigious journalists who are specialists on conflict zones in different countries in addition to migration and human rights, and they include Xavier Aldekoa, Ramón Lobo, Nicolás Castellano, Guadalupe Lizárraga, Chelo Álvarez, and Gabriela Minjares. Faculty from Polish, Mexican, and American universities are also attending, and they will closely examine the current media ecosystem in those countries. What’s more, the Director of the UMH Headquarters in Rwanda Chair will provide insight on the situation in that African country.

“Los libros del seminario” (The Books of the Seminar), a collection of publications, will be presented at the event, with participants who are linked through either authorship, co-authorship, or editing. Young journalists will share their experiences from different parts of the world in the discussion held on Friday, November 24 at the Castillo-Fortaleza of Santa Pola, which precedes the inauguration of the México Fronterizo exhibition by photojournalist José Pedro Martínez.

The final events include the presentation ceremony for the Ricardo Ortega Journalism Reporting Awards, the Pepe Andreu Radio Award, and a concluding conference by journalist Enric González.

For further information about the program and the procedure for attending, click on this link.

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(Español) La UMH firma un convenio de colaboración con el Ayuntamiento de Elche para la celebración de un seminario internacional sobre periodismo y derechos humanos

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Audiovisual Communication Coordinator, Begoña Ivars, and the Area Coordinator of Projection for that undergraduate program, Montserrat Jurado, have visited various universities in northern Mexico and California to set up collaboration agreements for the Audiovisual Communication and Journalism undergraduate programs. More specifically, they established the conditions for the International Film Project, an undertaking that consists in the coproduction of short films of fiction and documentaries by students from various universities.

The traveling project will be held in July, and it is planned to begin this year on the Elche Campus with students from our university and others from the University of Beira Interior (Portugal).

visita California State University LA

The universities visited on their trip include the Universidad de las Californias International (Mexico), Autonomous University of Baja California, Ensenada Campus (Mexico), California State University (San Diego, USA), University of California, Los Angeles (USA), Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, USA), and San Diego State University (USA).

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Associate Professor of Journalism and Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations at the UMH, José Luis González, visited universities in North Carolina to present the UMH Mediterranean Cultural Studies Study Abroad program at the prestigious American universities of Duke and NC State.

At NC State, Dr. González met with its International Programs Coordinator, Aimee Call. There, they discussed the Mediterranean Cultural Studies program that is directed at American students and faculty. This five-week program focuses on Mediterranean culture and its economy, and takes place around the various UMH campuses.

José Luis González with Aimee Call, International Programs Coordinator at NC State University.

During his visit to these universities, Dr. González also presented the academics the UMH has to offer as well as the objectives of the Area of US Hispanic Studies, which is part of the Miguel Hernández Chair. Moreover, he also participated in conferences on journalism and political communication: at Duke, he spoke about “Media, Citizenship, and Freedoms during the Spanish Transition,” while at NC State, the discussion and subsequent debate revolved around “Long-tail Journalism, Human Rights, and Social Commitment.”

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(Español) Laura Kazakis y Pablo González en Global UMH Radio

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(Español) Patricia García sobre su estancia SICUE: “Sin duda ha sido una de las mejores elecciones de mi vida”

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