ACLES English Certification Examinations

logo_aclesThe CERTACLES examination of language accreditation at the Miguel Hernández University is a test adapted to the model established by the Association of Language Centres in Higher Education (ACLES), an affiliate of the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CERCLES), which brings together more than 300 universities from 27 European countries.

This test is recognized by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and is valid for accrediting linguistic competencies of foreign languages throughout the Valencian Community (for information on recognition in other autonomous communities, consult

This certification is not linked to any other type of training course or previous accreditation; it is an independent examination, separate from the foreign language courses taught at the UMH Language Center or any other type of course offered elsewhere. Therefore, to take this test, success in previous courses or accreditation of lower levels is not required.


2021 ACLES certification examinations take place in two calls:

  • May 2021 call: May 15. 
  • November 2021 call: Saturday, November 6, 2021.

Preparation workshops for the ACLES examinations are offered by the UMH Language Center.

Instructions for November 2021 call. The registration period for this runs from September 15 through October 20, 2021.

Candidates must complete the online application, at

Then choose (the options are in Spanish):

  • Tipo de enseñanza: Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales.
  • Enseñanza: Prueba de certificación ACLES.
  • Nivel (B1, B2 o C1).

The computer application creates an invoice that must be paid at any of the banking entities listed. Please pay attention to the deadline for paying said invoice.

If you belong to the UMH community, you may make the payment virtually, indicating the data that appear on the invoice, via

Once the online application is complete, the candidate must provide the following information (through October 20, 2021):

  • Pre-registration receipt that the computer application creates.
  • Anexo I (download here to complete, sign, and then attach the pre-registration receipt).
  • Receipt for fee payment (stamped by the banking entity or accompanied by the proof of online payment).
  • Photocopy of Spanish National ID Card.
  • Accreditation of belonging to a large family, if applicable.

This documentation must be submitted (through October 20, 2021):

  1. to the UMH General Registry, any of the auxiliary registries at the campus management centers (with an appointment made beforehand;
  2. Electronically via the UMH ELECTRONIC OFFICE  (electronic signature required) and directed to the ACLES Commission – Vice Rectorate for International Relations;
  3. or by any other means indicated in the Spanish Law of Administrative Procedures.

Once the pre-registration period finalizes, the ACLES Commission will publish the lists of admitted applications and those in need of corrections on this blog, and the applicants will also be informed via the email that they provide. Applications in need of corrections are then given a period of 10 days to correct said errors. If applications in need of correction are not corrected, said applications will be deemed incomplete.

Once the definitive list of accepted applications is subsequently published, the ACLES Commission will indicate the time, place, and details of the ACLES examination on this blog, and the applicants will also be informed via the email that they provide.


Places are limited and so applications are processed in the chronological order that they are received. Documentation that is incomplete or that has not been submitted via the aforementioned channels will not be accepted for processing.

Examination fee: Paying the fee provides the right to take the examination only one time.

  • General enrollment Level B1 & B2: 78.20 €*
  • General enrollment Level C1: C1: 90 €*
  • Fee for issuing CERTACLES Certification for all levels: 27.34 €*

*Discounts that correspond to large families and people with functional diversity will be applied.

To request certification that corresponds to successful passing of a CERTACLES exam, interested parties must send an email to once the definitive list of grades is published. Said email must indicate the interested party’s full name, their National ID Card number, and the call and examination level that they sat for. An invoice will then be sent to those email addresses for payment to issue the certification along with the necessary steps to follow.

For further information on these exams, you may consult the following documents (B1 and B2 levels are updated):


Level B1

Level B2

Level C1

B1 candidate guide B2 candidate guide C1 candidate guide
B1 exam model

Listening B1

B1 speaking model

B2 exam model

Listening B2

B2 speaking model

C1 exam model
Audio 1. Animal rights.
Audio 2. Ezekiel Emanuel.
Audio 3. Jamie Oliver.
Audio 4. Dan Brown.
B1 exam responses B2 exam responses C1 exam responses

You may also send an email to