First contact between UMH and Communication University of Zhejiang for future exchange and cooperation projects


12 July 2024

First contact between the UMH and Communication University of Zhejiang for future exchange and cooperation projects


Yesterday, July 9, the Rectorate Building was home to the first contact between the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ). There, representatives from both institutions discussed future exchange projects and cooperation programs. Local representatives at this meeting included UMH Vice Rector for Internationalization and Cooperation, Vicente Micol; Deputy Vice Rector for Internationalization, Alberto Rodríguez; and Deputy Vice Rector for International Projection and Communication, José Luis González Esteban. Their Asian university counterparts consisted of a delegation led by CUZ Deputy Secretary, Xu Weibiao.

After their meeting, the invited guests toured the main studios of Radio UMH in the Atzavares Building. While there, CUZ Dean of the School of Media & Engineering, Yu Dingguo, encouraged university students and community members to go to Zhejiang and take part in its journalism programs.

Communication University of Zhejiang is a public entity located in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. It was founded in 1978, and today it educates over 10,000 students in 50 programs from its 14 faculties and schools. Its campus covers over 600,000 square meters.

CUZ is a top institution according to the Shanghai Ranking, and it specializes in journalism, radio, television, film, advertising, and social media. It is also one of the Asian universities that produces the most communication talent. It has faculty and student exchange projects with the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, and Canada, in addition to numerous European countries.