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Graduate class of the international course at FMUSP.

Graduate class of the international course at FMUSP.

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Tordesillas Group, an academic network comprised of more than 70 universities from Brazil, Portugal, and Spain, have begun the Medicalization of Living and Suffering: A Public Health Problem international course. Coordinated by the UMH International Doctorate Director, María Pastor, this event is enabling international collaboration in graduate-level education.

This course, which focuses on the medicalization of society via medical control of vital processes, daily suffering, and behavior, is a subject of growing interest among patients and health & social science professionals. It is part of the ongoing activities at the Tordesillas Doctoral School of Public Health and History of Science. Until October 3, it is being given at the University of São Paulo by academics from the different institutions belonging to this doctoral school.

As a strategy to promote science and technology, the Tordesillas Group works with doctoral schools, including the Tordesillas Doctoral School of Public Health and History of Science. The latter was created in 2017 under coordination by the UMH. Its members include the faculties of Medicine and Public Health at the University of São Paulo, along with the faculties of Medicine at the University of Porto and the UMH.

In the two years that the Tordesillas Doctoral School of Public Health and History of Science has existed, it has seen significant academic and scientific achievements between Brazil, Portugal, and Spain. These include mobility actions by seven doctoral students and four faculty members, on stays lasting a month and a half, between the three countries. Seven scientific papers published in high-impact international journals are also indicative of its immediate and direct results.

Furthermore, a student from the Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (FMUSP), recently completed a stay at the UMH, and this group reached agreement on the dual doctorate between the UMH and FMUSP, in which the Vice Rectorate for International Relations collaborates. Two other international seminars are worth noting; one that took place last year at the FMUSP, in addition to another planned for November 2019 at the UMH.

Up to now, the Tordesillas Doctoral School of Public Health and History of Science has received specific funding from its member institutions in addition to additional funding from the Santander Universidades Foundation and Carolina Foundation.

For further information about the activities at the Tordesillas Doctoral School of Public Health and History of Science, you may click on this link.

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Representatives of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche met with the Director of Education Abroad at Florida Atlantic University (USA), Madison McShane, with the objective of establishing international links via the mobility of students between both universities.

FAU is home to more than 30,000 students who are enrolled in programs present at UMH faculties, and include fine arts, social and legal sciences, and experimental sciences.

During the visit, Inmaculada Blaya, Director of the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism, along with Ursula Kress, a technician from the same service, discussed with Ms. McShane various internship programs aimed at the internationalization of foreign students.

One such internship program lasts three months and consists of both in-house training, taking place at departments, institutions, units, and administrative services, along with external oriented training at spin-offs or startups at the UMH Scientific Park. This internship is completed jointly with the University Expert in Professional Competencies, Employability and Entrepreneurship program at the UMH.

During the program, students, trained within a professional environment and guided by tutors, have the opportunity to visit important businesses from the province of Alicante, take an intensive Spanish language course, and enjoy various cultural and leisure activities at multiple locations throughout the province.

While she was here, Ms. McShane had a guided tour of Elche Campus facilities. Among others, she visited emblematic campus buildings, including Altabix, the Rectorado, and La Galia.


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The undergraduate programs of Audiovisual Communication and Journalism, and the Dual Bachelor’s in Audiovisual Communication & Journalism at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche have begun conversations about establishing joint projects with the New York Film Academy (NYFA) at its location in Amsterdam.

The Audiovisual Communication coordinator, Begoña Ivars Nicolás, along with its coordinator of projection, Montserrat Jurado Martín, met with Devin Crowley, the creative director of New York Film Academy Amsterdam, to specify proposals for various activities between both institutions through either a collaboration or specific framework agreement.

Among the proposals for activities include one- or two-week workshops for UMH students at that European location as well as the possibility of the NYFA creative director lecturing or participating in a conference on the Elche Campus.

A framework collaboration agreement would enable students enrolled in the aforementioned programs to take advantage of official NYFA training, as well as receive assistance regarding travel, stays, and travel visas where applicable.

The NYFA is one of the world’s most emblematic film schools, and focuses primarily on filmmaking. However, it also provides specialized training in photography, lighting, documentaries, video games, interpretation, graphic design, television journalism, as well as film and television productions.

The NYFA has campuses in Los Angeles and New York, in addition to facilities in Miami, the Gold Coast (Australia), Florence, Paris, at Harvard University, and others elsewhere. It offers all kinds of training, ranging from short seminars, one-year programs, to accelerated three-year undergraduate programs, such as its Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies in Los Angeles and its Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in both Miami and Los Angeles.

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portada study abroadThe Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has launched the Study Abroad program Mediterranean Cultural Studies. This program will allow foreign students and instructors to improve their level of Spanish and understanding of Mediterranean culture by taking part in various activities in Elche, Alicante, Altea, Benidorm, and Orihuela. José Luis González, UMH Associate Professor of Journalism and Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations, is coordinating the program.

“The objective is to promote cultural icons of the province of Alicante so foreign university students and faculty experience them firsthand, in a practical and entertaining manner, thereby strengthening Mediterranean culture,” he explains. In this sense, the Study Abroad program is designed to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the different UMH campuses and their surroundings. The program lasts six weeks, and its activities range from the realms of tourism to culture, passing through gastronomy, the economy, literature, and art.

To accomplish this, the program is collaborating with various entities within the province, including various UMH chairs and the American Language Institute, which manages foreign study programs and which has signed an agreement with the UMH. Armando Miguélez, Director of the American Language Institute, has already publicized the Mediterranean Cultural Studies program at university encounters in Washington and Louisiana, and is currently negotiating with several North American universities about the possibility of including it in their foreign exchange programs.

The launch date for the UMH Study Abroad program is planned for May 2017.

For further information, go to the following link:

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(Español) Becas TALENT de internacionalización.

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