Programa Buddy

17 July 2019

During the 2018/19 school year, 175 Miguel Hernández University of Elche students took part in the Buddy program. During Fall semester, 162 matches were made between local and incoming students, while during Spring semester there were 124.

The Buddy program, which is run by the Vice Rectorate for International Relations, consists in facilitating contact between a local person, either a UMH student or alumnus, and an incoming student from a different university who has come to the UMH on an international exchange program.

Seventy-one percent of incoming students positively assessed the experience of joining the Buddy program, and 58% of its participants recognized that this program satisfactorily fulfilled their expectations.

The purpose of the program is based on sponsoring newly arrived students to the UMH and provide them with opportunities to integrate socially and academically. Furthermore, in order for the assistance to be as helpful as possible, the matching criterion is based on matching participants from either the same degree program or faculty. “It is very important for Erasmus students, like me, to find somebody who can help them as soon as they arrive here,” said Rossella Farca, a student from the Italian University of Turin, during her stay at the UMH.

Likewise, besides practicing a foreign language, the advantages of participating in the Buddy program enable students, both local as well as incoming, to meet new people, cultures, and customs. Participation in the program is also worth one extra point on applications by students for the Erasmus+ Study program.

Laura Saenz, an incoming student from El Bosque University in Bogotá, Colombia, relates how she received constant assistance from the very first moment of her Destino program stay. “My buddy is incredible; thanks to her, I met a lot of new people, and adapting to my classes was easier,” she affirms. 

Through the UMH Erasmus Experience Club, the Buddy program carries out various activities, field trips, and outings during the school year to introduce UMH surroundings to its members. Nearly two-thirds of those who took part this past school year positively assessed the organization of these kinds of activities.

The period for participating in the Buddy program for the upcoming 2019/20 school year is currently open and will be until the end of July. If you would like to take part, complete this form.