Latest Issue of Global UMH Magazine is Now Out

The Vice Rectorate for and the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism at the UMH is pleased to announce the launch of the sixth issue of Global UMH Magazine, which is directed by associate professor of journalism and Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations and International Projection, José Luis González.

This issue features the mobilization efforts by the UMH to address the Covid-19 pandemic, offering information about the efforts to aid and assist international students throughout the health crisis, the implementation of the UMH Te Acompaña (UMH Accompanies You) program, in addition to renovations and improvements to the intensive care unit at the Nemba Hospital in Rwanda. Likewise, in the magazine’s section on volunteerism in that African country, Global reports on the new radio communication project at the Musanze Institute of Higher Education.

As for new features, each Global story is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the Agenda 2030 by the United Nations, and Global also highlights the International Development Cooperation workshops organized by the UMH, which includes the Indestructibles photography exhibition by journalists Xavier Aldekoa and Alfons Rodríguez in conjunction with the Elche City Hall. Other contents of interest include the Ibero-America Espejo Program with the Dominican Republic, the celebration of the ‘Breaking Down Walls’ international conference in Elche, participation by this university in the European Neurotech program, and of course, the voices and sentiments of incoming and outgoing students.

Participants in the design and production of this issue included Irene Corredor, Estefanía Amador, Eva Pardo, Vanesa Godoy, and Paul Nordstrom.

Global UMH is bilingual, written in both Spanish and English, published on both paper and electronically, and distributed among the university community. It may be read online by clicking Revista Global UMH nº6.