The History, Future and Ethics of Self-Experimentation Neurotechᴱᵁ Seminar, organized by University of Oxford

The European University of Brain and Technology (Neurotechᴱᵁ) is to offer the seminar entitled ‘The History, Future and Ethics of Self-Experimentation,’ which is being organized by the University of Oxford. Dr. Matt Leon and professor Zoltan Molnar have been charged with presenting this meeting taking place on Friday, June 4, at 17:00 CET. Interested people may register to take part in this event at the following link:


The European University of Brain and Technology (Neurotechᴱᵁ) is a project in which the UMH is a partner in a European consortium comprised of 8 universities. Researchers from the Institute of Neurosciences are leading UMH efforts, and this initiative is bringing together faculty and researchers from the areas of neuroscience and technology, technicians from the Service of International Relations, plus the Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the UMH. Neurotech aims to create an interuniversity campus, a flexible space for higher education shared by universities wherein education is linked to research, innovation, and society. This project enables Erasmus+ mobility at all levels, and given its transversal nature, involves the entire university.

Further information about NeurotechEU is available here.