UMH commemorates World Health Day with “A Luta Continua” (“The Struggle Continues”) film forum

On April 7, following the conclusion to the Volunteerism Promotion Workshops XVII at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, we will commemorate World Health Day by showing the documentary film, “A Luta Continua” (“The Struggle Continues”) at 4 p.m. in the Aula Magma of the Altabix Building on the Elche Campus.

This documentary by Medicusmundi Mediterrània takes us to Mozambique, a country that has undergone constant change since gaining its independence in 1975. Within that context, governments, foundations, NGO’s, and businesses have claimed the noblest of intentions by aiming to improve that country’s precarious health situation. “A Luta Continua” examines the advances, challenges, and difficulties of constructing a health system for all men and women in an increasingly unequal country, where aid strategies have not always moved in the same direction.

Furthermore, after the film, we will hold a talk/debate with participation by Lucy Anne Parker, coordinator of this university’s Master’s in Development Cooperation; Begoña Seguí, vice president of  Medicusmundi Mediterrània; and Francesc Álvarez, director at Medicusmundi Mediterrània.

To sign up for this event, scan the QR code that appears in the film poster or by clicking the film forum registration link.