2024 AUIP Mobility Grant Program

This initiative is part of the programmed actions included in ‘Line of Action 3: Graduate Mobility Grants and Financial Aid’ in the 2024-2026 Plan of Action at the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association (Asociación Universitaria iberoamericana de Postgrado; AUIP). This program offers grants to promote and facilitate international academic mobility between all institutions belonging to the AUIP. To consult the list of participating universities, click this link.

This program is intended for people either assigned to or who belong to AUIP-associated institutions, faculty and research personnel, managers of graduate programs or of activities related to their institution’s internationalization, as well as for graduate students.

The application periods are as follows:

  • First period: for trips and stays that begin between February 1 and June 30, 2024, the call deadline is November 30, 2023, at 23:59 hours (GMT/UTC+01:00); Madrid time.
  • Second period: for trips and stays that begin between July 1 and November 30, 2024, the call deadline is May 9, 2024, also at 23:59 hours (GMT/UTC+01:00); Madrid time. (Note: Grant applications for this period will not be accepted before December 1, 2023).

This financial aid covers only and exclusively international travel to a maximum of:

  • For trips between two Ibero-American countries, 1,200 euros. The AUIP, through its travel agency, provides grant recipients with plane tickets (and will not accept other options or other possibilities for acquiring these tickets).
  • For trips between Spain and Portugal, the maximum amount is 800 euros, and the AUIP requires its recipients to submit justification and/or receipts for these expenses.

Further information about this program is available at the following link: https://auip.org/es/becas-auip/2696