UMH continues with its commitment to expand in China with new institutional visit


19 January 2024

The Deputy Vice Rector for Internationalization at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Alberto Rodríguez, is traveling to China to visit universities there with the objective of forging new bilateral agreements that expand UMH internationalization in that Asian country. This action is another part of the firm commitment by this university to grow its presence in the maximum number of countries possible and reach agreements that improve research, mobility, and teaching.

During his stay, Alberto Rodríguez will visit The Education University of Hong Kong, Guangzhou International Economics College, in Guangzhou; and Hangzhou Dianzi University, in Hangzhou. These visits are aiming to strengthen links with these higher education institutions that in turn enable working in areas that ultimately materialize with mobility and internationalization agreements.

The Education University of Hong Kong is one of the leading institutions in the Asian Pacific, specializing in teacher training as well as social sciences. Guangzhou International Economics College specializes in economics education, and is a reference in Asia in the internationalization of its student body and the education that it offers in different languages. Finally, Hangzhou Dianzi University focuses on science and technology training, and is also a reference within that region.

This visit continues the plans formulated by the Vice Rectorate for Internationalization and Cooperation at the UMH to expand its reach in Asia, something which already crystallized with the launch of the Mudi Program in 2023, which has taken two UMH students to Beijing Wuzi University.