Study Abroad UMH Regulation

15 March 2022

In the framework of the general objectives of the UMH and the specific objectives of internationalisation, is considered a priority to increase the number of foreign university students through a range of Study Abroad Programs specifically designed for them, responding to their training needs, serving to enhance the international visibility of our University and, at the same time, offering our students and teachers the opportunity to interact with students and teachers of other nationalities thus promoting the internationalization of their curriculum.

The Study Abroad Programs must offer a period of training in the UMH to complete the studies pursued in the country of origin, with multidisciplinary content of academic, practical, cultural and linguistic knowledge, oriented to both the acquisition of training and understanding of the culture, the life and the customs of our country.

This UMH regulation aims to integrate the whole training UMH activities, including cultural and linguistic academic offer, specifically focused on international students from institutions of higher education to study at the UMH as part of their international experience.

To access the full text of the regulation, see the following link.