UMH hosts SIPV presentation of ‘Mediterranean Sea Project: Human Rights Adrift’

This morning, the Undergraduate Room in the Arenals Building of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche was host to the presentation of the ‘Mediterranean Sea Project: Human Rights Adrift’ by NGO, Valencian Country International Solidarity (SIPV).

This meeting served as a gateway and search for synergies, and those in attendance included various entities in addition to UMH Development Cooperation and Volunteerism Director, Juan José Ballesta.

This project aims to shed light on and inspire citizens to act against the persecution faced by organizations that attempt to aid migrants, as well as against the insufficient international response to this humanitarian emergency ongoing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Besides this presentation, awareness activities are also planned, including a living escape room that will make the fight in favor of human rights visible. Likewise, this project has a transmedia communication project, plus the podcast, ‘Bottles in the Sea,’ which was released on Friday, October 15, and aims to reflect on culture and art in the defense of human rights.

Further information about this and other SIPV projects is available at