Seventh issue of Global UMH magazine now available

Global UMH revista The Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has released the seventh issue of Global UMH magazine. Its contents feature new opportunities for UMH internationalization by advancing European projects, such as NeurotechEU, closer ties with the Dominican Republic through the Espejo Program, and the warming of our university to China by signing various agreements.

Furthermore, the magazine, directed by associate professor of journalism and Deputy Vice Rector for International Relations – International Projection, José Luis González Esteban, includes a story about actions that promote volunteerism that were developed at the UMH. There are also reports on mobility by university staff, in addition to testimonies by incoming and outgoing exchange students alike. Other magazine contents discuss the first defense of a joint doctoral thesis and the presence of the UMH at international fairs.

Vanesa Godoy and Eva Pardo designed and wrote the current issue, in collaboration with Sergio Murillo and Paul Nordstrom. The issue is bilingual, in both Spanish and English, and distributed in paper format for the university community, as well as digitally on the UMH website and the ISSUU platform.

Global UMH is available by clicking on the link below: