Global UMH. The most international UMH periodical publishes its ninth issue

Global UMH Revista

Global, revista

30 November 2023

Global UMH magazine portrait The Vice Rectorate for Internationalization and Cooperation, in conjunction with the Service of International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteerism at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), has published the ninth issue of Global UMH magazine. This new edition features topics from all continents related with university actions.

In June 2023, the UMH offered the Medicine and Humanities Study Abroad program for students from The University of Texas at San Antonio (USA). The magazine details all their program activities. Then, during July and August, UMH volunteering efforts resumed in Rwanda following their suspension due to Covid-19, and Global offers a special photographic report on volunteering efforts in Rwanda with participation by volunteers Paula Guillem and Laurine Chloe Lea. In September, the ‘Elche, RSF-UMH Safe Space for Freedom of the press’ pioneering program took place, and attendees included persecuted journalists, Andrea Aldana (Colombia) and Loraine Morales (Cuba). For this event, the UMH Campus became a safe space for them, and the magazine unveils their histories, the work they are going to complete at the UMH, and how they are undergoing their stays in and around Elche.

This magazine, directed at the entire international university community, is published in both Spanish and English, and it highlights all internationalization, mobility, and cooperation activities carried out recently by the Service.

Global UMH readers may also learn about the fourth Board of Rectors meeting of the NeurotechEU consortium that was held at the UMH, its fifth BoR meeting at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm (Sweden), an interview with Alberto Rodríguez, UMH Deputy Vice Rector for Internationalization, and the fourth International Staff Week, which is the most international week of the UMH as it hosts faculty and personnel from many universities from all over the world.

This school year, three UMH students are participants in new mobility programs for the very first time. These include the Vulcanus in Japan (for one school year) and MUDI programs (six months in Beijing). Global UMH provides the testimonies of these and other UMH students who are spending time abroad, away from local university campuses. Carolina Rojas, one of such students, says, “once you start learning, you can never stop.”

The director of Global UMH issue 9 was Jose Luis González-Esteban, associate professor and Deputy Vice Rector for International Projection and Communication. Journalists, Luis Sempere and Raquel Agulló, worked on magazine content, and Paul Nordstrom was responsible for the English version of Global.