Registration period open for 2022-2023 SICUE exchanges


15 February 2022

LOGO SICUEThe Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has hereby published the call for student places for the SICUE Spanish national mobility program for exchanges during the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. SICUE enables students to complete portions of their university degree programs at different universities, with guarantees of academic recognition for passed courses, as well as adaptation to their academic profile.

Click here to consult the rules from the call, award criteria, and application procedures

Click here to see the list of places in Anexo II from the text of the call

Applications are submitted online via each student’s Authenticated Access. (In this order: Aplicaciones/Todas/Estudios/solicitud Programa SICUE)

*Please keep the following in mind when choosing prioritized destinations:

– When the application asks for a mobility start date, it refers to the approximate dates for either one semester or one full school year:

  • 1 Oct 2022 – 1 Feb 2023 for just fall semester (6 months)
  • 1 Feb 2023 – 1 July 2023 for just spring semester (6 months)
  • 1 Oct 2022 – 1 July 2023 for the complete school year (9 months)

The period for submitting applications is open from February 11 thru February 25, 2022.

Required documentation includes the following:

  1. Signed application (once the online registration is complete, the student must download the PDF, print it, and then sign it.
  2. Photocopy of the student’s Spanish National ID Card.
  3. Unofficial student transcript (available via the student’s Authenticated Access), which includes the grades throughout the student’s time in the university, and up until the preceding school year.


All the necessary documents are then presented via the ELECTRONIC ACCESS of the General Registry of the UMH or via one of the Auxiliary Registries at campus CEGECAS.

Steps to follow when submitting the application via the Authenticated Access:

  1. Click Tramitar.
  2. Introduce student username and password.
  3. Complete personal data in case anything is needed.
  4. When the Instancia General loads in the Solicitud portion, choose:

– In the Dirigido a field, choose Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales, Cooperación al Desarrollo y Voluntariado.

– In the Expone-Solicita field, choose Presento solicitud para participar en la convocatoria del Programa SICUE 2022/2023.

  • Attach the required documentation.
  • Click Presentar en Registro.

Click here for further information.