List of assigned 2023/2024 Erasmus+ assigned places for study stays, movement of lists, and auction of Erasmus+ places

Listado plazas asignadas Erasmus Estudios 2023-24 diseñoThe Vice Rectorate for International Relations at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) hereby publishes the list of assigned places from the Erasmus+ call for study stays during the 2023/2024 school year, the procedure for the movement of lists, and the upcoming auction of Erasmus+ places. Click the following link to see the list of assigned places:

Assigned Erasmus+ places

Students who are beneficiaries of an Erasmus+ place must submit their acceptance or rejection of said assigned place during the period from March 9 – 16, 2023, via the Electronic Office.

If no acceptance or rejection is received during said period, it will be assumed that the student has rejected said place (anexo III).

Once said period has passed, the next step is to update and move the lists, and hold an auction for any places that remain vacant.

Click this link for further information.